Ophtecs Europe B.V.

職種 Production Operator

Manufucture contact lenses:

Within established guidelines, will be trained to become proficient in all standard production operations in a production line, such as: lot preparation, axis marking, lathe cutting, tool making, lens polishing, inspection, laser marking, lens release, center thickness measurement, lens power measurements and lens edge polishing.

- May utilize simple production and measurement instruments. Regularly checks own work for desired results.
- Report problems encountered in operations to a lead person or Supervisor, as directed.
- Perform simple equipment adjustments and improvement in own operation.
- counting material stock to produce the contact lens and to place order the materials.


- Works scheduled hours and is ready to work at scheduled start times, notifies Supervisor prior to absence or tardiness in accordance with company policy.
- Keep close contact with Supervisor/Manager for issues; safety, sanitation, and equipment malfunctions and concerns related quality issues.
- Good communication skills – verbal, written, and comprehension of the Dutch and English language.
- Working and residence permit holder


Marithaime 20, 6662WD, Elst


Working hours: negotiable

担当者名 Naoya Fukuda
担当者Tel 0263544444