ESSF (Educational Support Stchting Funds)


  • Organisation’s introduction and objective:
    • ESSF was established on March 30, 1998.
    • The object of the foundation is to promote, organize, sponsor and support Japanese schools and Japanese Saturday schools (in total 6 schools in the Netherlands) which educate Japanese children in correspondence with the education sysmtem and rules valid in Japan; and moreover anyuthing which may directly or indirectly relate or may be conducive to the aforementioned, all of which in the broadest sense of terms.
    • The foundation does not intend to make any profit.
    • Ordinary income resource of each schools are only from tuition fees and some Japanese governemtn subsidies and it is quite limited. Therefore ESSF’s main activities is to provide a financial support when there is (unexpected) expenses or financial difficulty that cause a great impact to maintain their healthy and sound financial situation. For example, in recent years, we support the schools when they need the legal advisors’ cost to solve the labor problem, maintain their playing field ground, etc.
    • In the future, the schools expect large expenses such as building relocation, big building maintmance, school bus operation expenses that the schools cannot afford.
    • Most of the balance of the funds were funded by the contributions from each schools in the past.  As stated in the by-law, the income that can be considered in the future is: subsidies, donations and contributions whether or not from the Dutch and Japanese governmental organization of other organizations and companies.
    • ESSF administration office is located in the office of Japanese chamber of commerce and industry in the Netherlands
    • The administration work is taken care by Secretary General of JCC.

ESSF is registered with the tax authorities as Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI).

  • General contact information:
    • Educational Support Stichting Funds (ESSF)
      Strawinskylaan 935, World Trade Center B-9
      1077 XX Amsterdam
      +31(0) 20 66 21 457
  • Composition of the Board :
    • Members:
      Takaharu Ikeda, Chairman
      Hiroki Sakaya, member of the board
      Takahiro Kawamoto, member of the board
      Yasuaki Nakata, member of the board
      Administration : Kazuko Suzuki
    • The board is consists of the selected board members of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands (JCC).  They work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any reward from the Foundation. This is strictly included in the purpose of establishment. ESSF has no administrative staff but its dministrative work is done by JCC secretary General (Kazuko Suzuki).