April 30, 2020

ESSF (Educational Support Stchting Funds)

  • Name: Educational Support Stchting Funds
  • Address: Strawinskylaan 935

World Trade Center B-9
The Netherlands
TEL:  +31(0) 20 66 21 457
1077 XX Amsterdam

  • Educational Support Stchting Funds has AMBI status and has RSIN number: 8072. 76. 960
  • Member of the board:
  •  Hiroshi Murai, Chairman
  •  Ken Iijima
  •  Toshitsugu Nozawa

The board members work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any income from the work for the Foundation. This is strictly included in the purpose of establishment.

  • By-law click here
  • Our activity: ESSF has been set up to manage, work on the issues of the Japanese schools and Japanese supplementary schools and deal with general issues concerning the education of children. To provide the financial support if it is necessary (renewal of school playground (Japanese School of Amsterdam, School bus project (Japanese School of Rotterdam) etc.
  • Financial report 2018-2020
  • ESSF financial statement 2019

For further information, please contact at secretariat of JCC

April 30, 2020