Application Procedure

Those who agree with the purpose of the Chamber and wish to become a member can, after having obtained a recommendation from one of the officers of the Chamber, send an application form addressed to the Chairman of the Chamber. The Management Board of the chamber shall decide on the application.
(Article of the Association of the JCC , Article 4)


1. Find the application form here.
2. A company profile must be provided.
3. Email us to arrange a meeting with JCC’s secretary general or to acquire further information about membership.


Admission Fee :
*Ordinary member: Euro 550
*Associate member: Euro100

Associate Membership Fee: Euro 550 (per annum)

Ordinary Membership Fee (per annum) :

Amount of JCC members (as registered to JCC members’ data) Annual Fee (in Euro)
1 name 550
2-4 names 1050
5-9 names 2100
10-19 names 3150
20-29 names 4200
30-39 names 5250
40-49 names 5750
50 names or more 6300