The purpose of the Chamber is the promotion of economic relations and friendly ties between Japan and the Netherlands

In order to achieve the above objectives, the Chamber performs the following non-profit activities:

a. The Chamber gives opinions and discusses or negotiates, if necessary, with the appropriate organizations.
b. The Chamber undertakes public relations activities on behalf of its members and gathers information and data relating to the activities of members.
c. The Chamber organizes and co-ordinates lectures, meetings and symposia.
d. The Chamber promotes exchange activities between Japanese and Dutch economic organizations as well as foreign economic organizations stationed in the Netherlands.
e. The Chamber periodically publishes and distributes a list of members and journals.
f. The Chamber promotes relationships among its members.
g. The Chamber liaises with various Japanese organizations, especially with the Japanese schools in the Netherlands, and gives financial support when necessary.
h. In addition to the above, the Chamber conducts various activities that are considered necessary to achieve its objectives.