JCC/JETRO/ IvCB webinar “Reflections on new Dutch government & coalition agreement; highlights and impact for business”



JCC/JETRO/ IvCB webinar

“Reflections on new Dutch government & coalition agreement; highlights and impact for business”


The JCC is pleased to invite you to the webinar with the full support of IvCB and JETRO Amsterdam office.


As you are all aware, it took more than 9 months since the general election in March 2021 to the new coalition agreement of the formation of the fourth Rutte cabinet, a record time for a coalition agreement in the Netherlands!

Mr. Zuidhof (Founder and Managing Director) and Mr. Kievits (Senior Director) of IvCB will explain the new government’s policy plans, the expected impact on business, and how companies (especially JCC members) can position themselves to influence government policy. They will also explain how companies (especially JCC members) can influence the new policy and give companies a clearer picture of the opportunities and threats in the coming years in the Dutch market and advice on how they can strengthen their relationship with the Dutch government in the coming years (lobbying).

We look forward to welcoming you to this webinar!

  • Date: February 18, 2022 (Thu)
  • Time: 15:00 – 16:30
  • Tool: Zoom
  • Admission: Free of Charge
  • Language: English (with Japanese summary)

* If you have question, please let us know upon registration. If we cannot answer during the web seminar, you will be contacted by IvCB representative to answer your question.

For more information, please contact JCC secretariat (TEL: 020 6621 457)



15:00 : Welcome by the JCC

15:05 : General information on Dutch politics and the new government – ( Mr. Shimogasa, Executive Director of JETRO Amsterdam Office )

15:10 : Presentation by IvCB ( Mr. Zuidhof and Mr. Kievits from public affairs & stakeholder management firm IvCB )

  • The Dutch Government: looking back and ahead; a review and outlook on the Dutch business environment
  • The coalition agreement: highlights for business, policy plans, budget, background, situation etc.
  • General introduction on engagement (lobbying) methods available to businesses: how to influence Dutch government’s policy; how to get grants (e.g. for climate action); how to discuss your company’s problems with the government; strengthening relations and influence with the government, parliament and media, etc.

16:15 : Summary briefing in Japanese (2-3 pages).

16:20  : Q&A

16:30 Adjournment