September 11, 2019

Call for Amstelland Hospital Japan Desk Donation

The Japan Desk of Amstelland Hospital is an initiative of the City of Amstelveen, Insurance Company AON Japan Group, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce (JCC) the Amstelland Hospital and Amsterdam inbusiness and support the Japan Desk. 

The staffs of the Japan Desk Ziekenhuis Amstelland will guide Japanese Nationals who wish to use medical services of Ziekenhuis Amstelland in Japanese language.

Since its establishment in March 2010, the number of (Japanese) users has increased year by year and the average users are 350 per month .

For more information please visit their website

As a non -profit organization, Japan desk asks no consultation fee.
All services including telephone guidance are free of charge. Therefore your donation is indispensable to maintain and improve the operation. Every year we receive support from JCC member companies however this year we would like to ask continuous support for their sustainable operation. 

The individual donation will be also very welcome.  The deadline of the application will be 15 October 2019.

Please fill in the Application form and send it back to

Application Form 2020
   (Donation for the Foundation Japan Desk Amstelland Hospital)

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* Invoice period?
☐ November – December 2019
☐ January – March 2020
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September 11, 2019