Invitation to Audit, Legal, Tax, and Business updates (Nov 29)

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JCC Trade & Investment Committee

Dear JCC Members,


The JCC, in collaboration with JETRO and Deloitte, is hosting a seminar on November 29, covering topics related to Audit, Legal, Tax, and Business updates. During this seminar, experts from Deloitte will offer a comprehensive breakdown of regulatory changes that impact Japanese businesses, AI and M&A. The AI discussion will encompass its dual role in driving growth (offensive) and enhancing risk management and governance (defensive). In relation to M&A, an overview of the European Union’s circumstances and illustrative case studies will be presented.

  • Regulation updates
  • Tax Package 2024, other tax(Pillar2, Transfer Pricing, VAT)
  • European Digital Regulations
  • CSRD(Includes an overview of the response preparations required after 2024)
  • A business with AI and AI Governance
  • M&A in EU


  • Date / Time: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 from 15:00 (registration from 14:30) to 18:30
  • Venue: Deloitte Amsterdam Office Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970, 1081 LA Amsterdam / Tel: +31(0)88 288 2888
Time Topic Speaker
14:30-15:00 Reception


Opening Remarks Tetsutaro Shimogasa, Vice chair of JCC Trade & Investment Committee/Head of JETRO Amsterdam office

Stefan Verrips, Deloitte Japanese Services Group Leader



Regulation updates

  • Tax
  • Tax Package 2024, Pillar2
  • Transfer Pricing : Pillar 1 amount B/PCbCR/ New EU TP Directive
  • VIDA / E-invoicing
  • European Digital Regulations

  • Tax:
  • Lotte Lont(Consultant, International Tax)
  • Stefanie de Pater(Partner, Transfer Pricing)
  • Maarten Schreuder(Partner、Indirect Tax)
  • European Digital Regulations:Shay Danon(Director, Risk Advisory)




Regulation updates

  • CSRD(Includes an overview of the response preparations required after 2024)
Robin van Broekhoven(Senior Manager, Risk Advisory)


A business with AI and AI Governance Daniel Rennings(Manager, Consulting)


M&A in EU M&A team


Japanese summary Yuta Noda(Senior Manager, Japanese Services Group Coordinator)
17:30-18:30 Net working

We are looking forward to your registration!