Hanwa Europe B.V.

Position Sales Assistant (full time)
Job Description

This position requires you to be in charge mainly of ‘Sales Assistant’; international trade administrator in the Steel Department. You will also work closely with manager to discuss how to operate the team.
Key responsibilities and duties;
-Corresponding with suppliers/customers, relevant departments in Japan headquarters and other overseas branches
-Arranging business documents such as sales/purchase contracts, invoices etc.
-Coordinating international/domestic logistics through forwarders
-Corresponding with accounting companies for monthly/annual bookings, tax duties etc.
-Preparing/collecting evidences for payments
-Filing monthly accounting reports, booking records, tax applications etc.
-Arranging manager/director’s flights/hotels/transportations for business trip
*There is also possibility to be asked the general affairs in some cases.

Job Requirements

-Working license, visa/residence permit in EU
-Language; Japanese (native or fluent), English (fluent), for all means of communication
-Proficiency of MS office (Excel, Word, Power Point)
-At least 3 years of working experience (preferably in international environment)
-Open-mind and customer-oriented mind
-High communication skills and highly motivated mind with responsibility


WTC Tower-C 6F , Strawinskylaan 1447, Amsterdam

Other Remarks


Contact Person's Name ベルジョン久美子(Kumiko Belu-John)