November 22, 2022

NARO 2nd International Symposium on Food and Health on December 12,2022

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, NARO), a JCC member, has invited all members to the following symposium. See below for details.


NARO 2nd International Symposium on Food and Health “Global Food Security and Human Health: Toward Transforming the Food System with Advanced Technology”


In December 2022, NARO will hold the second online international symposium focusing on “Food and Health”.

We will share research results and initiatives by research institutes and private companies around the world that continue to pursue the realization of “food security and health,” and aim to strengthen international collaboration in order to accelerate every activity from R&D to social implementation, and business development.


Date:December 12, 2022

6:00-11:00 (Europe)

14:00-19:00 (Japan)

23:00-4:00 (USA Central)


Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation in Japanese)

Participation fee: Free

Capacity: None

Event details / Registration form:

Registration deadline: December 7, 2022


Program overview

Keynote speech session

  • Maximo Torero Cullen, FAO
  • LOPEZ BLANCO Ana Patricia, European Commission


Session I: A food production system that fully utilizes data to balance production and the environment

Session Leader : YANO Masahiro (NARO)


  • MURAKAMI Noriyuki, NARO (Japan)
  • Rick van de Zedde, WUR (the Netherlands)
  • ISHIMOTO Masao, NARO (Japan)
  • Véronique Bellon-Maurel, INRAE (France)


  • NTT AgriTechnology Corporation (Japan)
  • PRIVA(the Netherlands)
  • International Project on Global Warming Mitigation Measures
  • PISI-net


Session II: Building a sustainable food system that supplies healthy food

Session Leader:GOTO Kazuhisa (NARO)


  • Ingeborg de Wolf, ex WUR (the Netherlands)
  • KOBORI Masuko, NARO (Japan)
  • Felicitas Schneider, Thünen Institute (Germany)
  • CHONAN Osamu, Yakult (Japan)


  • Periodic Table of Food Initiative
  • KAGOME (Japan)
  • Global Foodture
  • Foundation for Food Agriculture Research (USA)


Contact:  (E-mail)

November 22, 2022