January 1, 2024

Japan Festival 2024 and sponsor package information

Japan Festival 2024 and sponsor package information


Dear JCC Members 

 We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous understanding and cooperation with the activities of the JCC. 

 With this message I want to inform you that it was decided that the annual Japan Festival will take place at the Stadshart in Amstelveen on Sunday 30 June 2024.

 Last year the phrase ‘Smile together’ was introduced as the slogan of the festival, expressing the spirit in which we want the festival to take place.

By organizing the Japan Festival 2024 we hope to keep the momentum created of the past years and to further strengthen the ties between Japan and the Netherlands.

And we would like to share with you the joy of being connected and feeling of affinity through this festival .

 The festival offers a wide variety of Japanese food, products, workshops and stage performances which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and the number of visitors is approximately 20000. 

The festival creates a perfect opportunity for local Dutch people as well as foreigners living in the Netherlands to discover and experience the uniqueness of Japanese culture.  

Furthermore, it is our hope that through this festival Japanese people in the Netherlands will be reminded of their own country and will be made to feel at home here.

 The Japan Festival is a not-for-profit event and is fully dependent on the generous contributions by those who support the festival and its goals. For more information about the Foundation, please see our website.

Please find attached the sponsor package and reply form.  The deadline for sponsorship applications is Friday 29 March 2024. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding sponsorship, please contact Ms. Kazuko Suzuki (Tel: 020 662 1457 / Email:


Please also note that the sponsor reception which is part of the sponsor package, will take place one or two weeks before the festival in June 2024 (date and location TBD).


We hope that we may count on your support for the Japan Festival 2024!


Kind regards,

Yuko Fuse

Chairman, Japan Festival Foundation

Member of the board, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands (JCC)

January 1, 2024